Cock and Balls Ring: Not Another Sex-Shop Nonsense

Be on the Top of Your Game with Explosive Orgasms

Aiming for that awesome, wouldn’t-miss-it-for-the-world feeling when in bed and ready to shoot (quite literally) your semen power? A group of sex toys that include a cock and balls ring, cock rings, and other big-boy tools are the usual go-to to achieve these mighty orgasms that we’re talking about – and just got you excited for. Heck, many get an erection with the mere mention of orgasm, that fitting culmination of a grand affair in bed.

Sure, it takes only a single sperm to get things done, but wouldn’t you want to get that “happy ending” that probably all men out there would never say “No” to?

We know of plenty of rants over online forums on cock rings, sex toys, and the male orgasm – “I’m severely disappointed with my orgasms,” “It just doesn’t measure up to what I was imagining,” or “I’m well-endowed, but what’s up with that so-so orgasm?!”

Here’s the thing: you’re not alone in this world, if you happen to be one of those who make those forums their own whine factory. There is a handful of men out there today who may have the ideal penis size, the great package, the big, bad boy, or the Great Male Asset. But great beginnings don’t always have a great ending: they can start off wonderfully, only to have small, disappointing orgasms as their conclusion. Your woman probably doesn’t say it as well, but she knows you weren’t able to get that big bang you were shooting for.

Be a Hardwearing Guy and Do Orgasms Better!

Many “solutions” have attempted to address this sticky situation.

Kegel exercises, for instance, try to strengthen the sexual muscle and increase the force with which your body ejects semen. Chemical semen enhancers, on the other hand, try to increase the volume or amount of semen that your body produces.

But do these work to improve all the given factors, i.e. the volume, force, and speed of semen flow?

There’s a scientific approach to better orgasms that cock rings and other cock and balls toys make use of, and the rewards are mind-blowing if you take your chance today. From the first time wearing a male enhancer cockring and for succeeding ones, you can enjoy dramatically intensified orgasms, which result from the constriction principle that cock rings apply.

Here are the tasty particulars:

  • A sensation like no other, where your own orgasm – not just your female or gay partner’s – blow you away
  • Savor the pleasure with longer orgasms – it’s not your usual run time!
  • Unlock the male multiple orgasm, you riding the “edge” of orgasms as many times as you like and getting more tremendous highs whenever you masturbate or seek out heaven with a partner in bed
  • Maximize your shooting power, where your semen explodes at a higher speed and with such amazing shooting potential

Read more about cock rings, cock and balls toys, and other pro-orgasm resources on this site to get on the path to a powerful sexual high today.

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